Mycenaean Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

Mycenaean Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy applies to all Mycenaean Limited employees who may potentially have financial or monetary interests that could impact or influence their professional judgment.

Mycenaean Limited employees are briefed on what constitutes a conflict of interest upon onboarding and will receive conflict of interest training on a rolling basis.

Conflict of interest statements specific to projects are collected at the beginning of each project by Mycenaean Limited. In the event that a client has a more specific financial conflict of interest policy, each Mycenaean Limited employee will sign a statement adhering to the client’s policy within the time period specified by the client.

Mycenaean Limited employees must disclose to Mycenaean Limited in a timely manner that a conflict exists at the time that work is assigned. Mycenaean Limited will disclose conflicts of interest that arise during the course of the project to the client within 60 days.

Policy Issue Date: December 13, 2021
Policy Effective Date: December 13, 2021